Job Posting: Contract Position – EJC Program Coordinator

Eastside Jewish Commons seeks a Program Coordinator to help plan and execute our first community events as an organization. This will be a contract position reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

Eastside Jewish Commons is a new nonprofit organization working to build infrastructure on Portland’s Eastside. Our mission is to establish and sustain a vibrant, inclusive space for people to gather and celebrate our diverse connection to Judaism, ensuring that our rich traditions continue to thrive. The purpose of our 2019 events is to build community and excitement in anticipation of our eventual facility.


  • Develop the event concepts with guidance from EJC Board and input from Community Partners and Eastside Stakeholders
  • Design and implement marketing and awareness strategies in coordination with the Capital Campaign Team
  • Coordinate event volunteers including Stakeholders and other community members
  • Manage event logistics within the specified budget
  • Coordinate with Capital Campaign Team on fundraising aspects of event planning and implementation


  • Experience in event or project management
  • Knowledge of Jewish community
  • Good presentation skills
  • Ability to work with small groups and individual leaders

This is a contract position. A budget of $1,800 per month is available to support this position, not including event costs.

To submit an application for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to by Friday, February 15.

Update to the Community: November 2018

Dear Eastside Jewish Commons Community,

It’s almost Hanukkah, and when we think back over the past year, it has been incredibly productive for Eastside Jewish Commons. We have 14 Jewish organizations working actively with us on plans. We have secured important early investment. And we have put together a business plan that is getting very positive responses as we talk with supporters. A growing number of Eastside Jewish community stakeholders have signed on in support of the Commons as well.

As part of our conversations with Eastside stakeholders and community partners, we have been developing ideas of programs that EJC can make possible even before we have secured a permanent facility. These plans are still very actively in development, and we look forward to sharing more in early 2019.

At this exciting and creative time, we want to encourage you to take a step forward in your personal participation. There is a role for everybody to help bring this project to fruition.

Please click this link and take a moment to tell us a little bit about yourself and why an Eastside Jewish Commons matters to you. The information you share will help build a stronger picture of the diverse Eastside Jewish community and how the EJC will best meet our collective needs. We are also learning more and more about the commitment of our community to make something happen, starting now. And, as Hillel taught us, “if not now, when?”

In addition, we ask that you forward this to others. The more we can engage the eastside Jewish community, the easier it will be to reach our mission.

Thank you for doing your part to further a thriving Eastside Jewish community in Portland.

The Eastside Jewish Commons Board of Directors


August 2018 Message to the Community

Dear Eastside Jewish Commons Community,

It’s been a busy summer for the Eastside Jewish Commons. Over the last three months, we took an extensive look at one possible property—a historic building with a lot of potential. Our architects evaluated short term and longer term costs as well as zoning restrictions. We also involved in the due diligence process a number of current and potential investors in the Commons. In addition we involved our community Partnership Panel, which includes 14 community organizations.

After evaluating all of information about this property as well as the feedback from the many stakeholders, we have decided to expand our property search. In particular, we need to make sure there is a strong alignment between the EJC community-identified service priorities and the zoning, size, cost, and long-term sustainability of the property we eventually select.

We have learned a lot through the due diligence process. We have found strong support from many of the potential investors involved in the process. We have also developed greater clarity about our business plan so that we can both establish the Eastside Jewish Commons and sustainably manage it over time.

In the coming months, we are planning to engage the community in our capital campaign and property search, and we encourage you to keep sharing news about this project with anyone who you think may be interested. Please continue to ask questions and share comments below. You can reach us at

Eastside Jewish Commons Board of Directors

Important Update on the Eastside Jewish Commons

The Eastside Jewish Commons is pleased to share some exciting news.

A few weeks ago, we learned of a property that our Board of Directors deemed to have significant potential as a site. After discussing the possibilities with community leaders in the field of property development, the EJC Board decided to take a formal step forward. We secured $200,000 in earnest money and entered into an agreement with the seller allowing us to purchase the property conditional upon a 90-day due diligence process. Based on the outcome of this due diligence, we will either go forward with the purchase or launch a more formal property search.

It is too early to provide details on the specific property. There are many questions remaining to be answered before we will know whether this site is viable. We will be assisted in the process by our consulting architects, FFA Architecture and Interiors. We are also being advised in the process by more than 12 Jewish partner organizations that are collaboratively participating in this project.

If all goes well, we will create an opportunity for community members to visit the property. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a future property tour invite by sending us an email at

We will provide you with updates on the due diligence process. If you know of others who might be interested, please share this message. Feedback from the Eastside community will eventually play a decisive role.

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EJC Has a New Look!

Greetings Eastside Jewish community!

In the past few weeks, we’ve had a round of meetings with many of Portland’s Jewish institutions to discuss potential needs, wishes, and dreams for the future EJC space. These discussions have been positive, hopeful, and exciting, representing the breadth of present and future eastside Jewish life! In the coming weeks, we will compile this information, which will inform the space planning process.

Eastside Jewish Commons Unveils Its New Logo!

EJC Final V

We are excited to unveil the new logo for Eastside Jewish Commons, with the accompanying tagline, “A new vision for community space”. This new brand can now be seen on our website and Facebook page, and you’ll start to see it in all of our communications going forward.

As you can see, we’ve selected the Hamsa as our primary symbol. The Hamsa – an open hand – is an image recognized and used widely, especially in the middle east. It has many meanings and we embrace all of them. You will also note the dove, a symbol of peace.

This new logo moves us one step closer to establishing the Eastside Jewish Commons as a recognized independent organization dedicated to advancing Jewish community life in Portland.

Let us know what you think of our new look, and read below to learn about the exercises we went through to arrive at this new brand.


Behind-the-Scenes of the New Logo

As part of our process for arriving at this new look, our team went through a few branding exercises that we want to share with you. We think you’ll find these results interesting, and we hope you’ll share with us what your answers are to these questions!

What are the Top 36 Words you would use to describe Eastside Jewish Commons?

High quality
“Well run”

Now narrow these words down to 10. What are your Top 10 Words?

High quality

Now we want to hear from you:

What are your top words to describe the Eastside Jewish Commons? Let us know by sending us an email at or commenting on our Facebook page.

Report to the Community: April 2018

Hello & Happy Spring Eastside Jewish Community! We hope you had a joyous Passover celebrating freedom and family.

The Eastside Jewish Commons has a lot of progress to report!

Architect Selection    We are reviewing proposals from six architects who were referred to the EJC steering committee. The selected architect will help with space planning, conceptual renderings, and technical assistance with the property search.

Community Partnerships    We are holding a  series of conversations with Jewish community organizations that are the most likely users of the planned EJC. These meetings are helping to develop scenarios for EJC usage, size, and specific building needs. We are inviting Jewish community organizations to join an “EJC Community Partnership Panel” to oversee robust EJC programming.

Business Plan Development     The EJC Steering Committee has put together a Business Plan work group and is also engaging community advisors to evaluate work in progress.

Governance   The EJC has begun the process of transitioning to an official non-profit organization. We have selected Mia Birk to serve as our Chair. Mia brings to her role a strong background in business, government and non-profits, involvement in the Jewish community, and 25 years on the eastside.

We welcome three new steering committee members: Joshua (Shua) Bar-Lev, Lesley Sacks and Robyn Tenenbaum. Shua is a retired green energy executive and attorney; Lesley is a health care professional and Jewish community leader; Robyn is the co-founder and former Executive Producer of Live Wire. Steve Albert, in his capacity as Executive Director of the MJCC, is transitioning from the steering committee to the EJC Community Partnership Panel. The updated steering committee roster is provided on our website.

Coming soon: Info about EJC summer events.



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